My name is Kenny Cummings and I want to give a little background information for why you should chose me as your personal fitness coach. 

Firstly, I have over ten years of diet and weight training  experience. Secondly, I trained and prepared for my first Men's Physique show this past year, by myself. Thirdly, being an Eagle Scout and a third degree black belt, I have the discipline, programming, and teaching skills necessary to guide you on YOUR fitness journey. Lastly, unlike old school dietary practices, I don't restrict diets to chicken, rice, and broccoli. My goal is to integrate fitness into your life comfortably and to transform your body efficiently with an outcome you used to believe would be impossible.

Remember, that your fitness journey isn't a sprint, but a marathon. Results WILL take time, but with some patience, dedication, and my knowledge, you'll definitely achieve the result you're looking for.


Kenny's Journey

See my progress from 2010-2017 outlined in the adjacent slideshow. I've gained approximately 50 pounds of lean muscle over the past 7 years without the usage of any illegal supplements. Gaining muscle and keeping it lean has changed my life in immeasurable ways, and with my help, I can help you do the same!