Enter the world of Terralus. The duality of emotion and logic prevalent in human beings birthed a war between Eidolons, the gods of Terralus, splitting them into two factions, Anteron and Hydralon. Anterons swore to protect humans, while Hydralons sought their extinction. The war, known as Exitium, continues today. Isolated and alone, the human race fights for survival.

In the middle of Exitium is Caden Daedric, a kindhearted teenager raised by his abusive father and caring mother. Reluctant to hurt others after suffering years of abuse, he is thrust into a kill or be killed scenario when Salazar, reptilian servants of the Hydralons, invade his home and kingdom, Asyri. After the invasion, Caden encounters a mysterious Eidolon who promises great power in the form of a Zarito, a magical crystal that bears its own consciousness inside of its host. As the host accepts the Zarito, they become Awoken. Now, Caden will never be the same, subject to his Zarito's manipulation and psychological warfare. He must take control of his Zarito and learn its power before it takes control of him. His desire to live and save those he loves will determine the outcome of Exitium and the future of the human race.